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City Map Of India

City Map Of India

Submitted by • March 4, 2014

The given India City Map gives the details of all the major cities of India. The city map of India gives the proper geographical position of all given cities on the map. Interestingly, the city has categorized into three categories namely:
• National Capital City
• State Capital City &
• Other City
So, because of the categorization, the map not only became more attractive but also became more informative for all. Students and other curious people can not only find the location of city but can also identify – which one is national capital city and which one is state capital city. As per the city categorization the symbol and text size are also designed accordingly so that anyone can easily identify the information from the India City Map.
For more details, the state boundaries are also givenso that one can find the state names of the respective city.

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